Karlita Murrilo

DJ Zap Music – Dancer

Karla Murrilo is a trained dancer with a zest for bringing happiness to guests and hosts. Count on Karla to rev up the crowd at a North Jersey bar mitzvah, NYC wedding, or NJ Sweet 16. She dances at all of DJ Zap’s events , including birthday parties, engagement parties, and corporate events.



Adam Halpern

DJ Zap Music – Dancer

Adam Halpern is a 21-year-old motivational dancer from Rockaway, N.J. Not only can Adam dance to any genre of music, but he has a true passion for making people – especially kids — smile. Guests immediately see his talent and enthusiasm whenever he dances at events. Adam’s is extensive working with kids at summer camp and through on-campus organizations, make him the perfect choice to dance at your bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, or sweet 16. Adam’s high energy level and natural ability to entertain the crowd always results in a full dance floor.

Morgan Preston

DJ Zap Music – Dancer

Morgan Preston is a trained dancer and a professional actress. She is known for her big smile and warm personality, a welcome addition to any DJ Zap event. Her boundless energy gets even the most stubborn of guests onto the dance floor. Morgan works full-time in entertainment, working with many companies as an actress in music videos and many other outlets.

Chris Moye

DJ Zap Music – Breakdancer/ Dancer – MC

Count on Chris to get the crowd jumping! As a dancer, break dancer, and MC, Chris thrills the crowd with his out-of-this-world moves. An award-winning dancer, he recently won Best Dancer at Disney’s Night of the Stars talent show. When he’s not dancing at a DJ Zap-hosted event, Chris is an activity director for a NYC-based boys’ and girls’ after-school program and a Brooklyn-based entertainer and promoter.

Milagros Simon

DJ Zap Music – Dancer/Latin Salsa Dancer

Milagros Simon is a trained dancer who specializes in Latin salsa. A lively dancer, she gets any crowd up on their feet with her energetic and motivating personality. She dances at all types of parties, including weddings, engagement parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, birthdays, and corporate events. When not dancing for DJ Zap, Milagros works as a professional entertainer who appears in music videos.

Heaven Ward

DJ Zap Music – Dancer

Heaven Ward is a formally-trained hip hop dancer who has danced with world-renown artists like T.I. and Alicia Keys. As the owner of her own dance company called Heavenly Secrets Entertainment, she has choreographed and danced in music videos for “Who’s Real” by Jadakiss and Swizz Beats; “Dancing on Me” by Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, and Webstar; and “Ringling Brothers” by Cassidy/Bathgate.

Rachael Guest

DJ Zap Music – Dancer

Rachel Guest is a professional dancer, singer and actress based in New York City. She is classically-trained in ballet, tap, and jazz, and her dancing abilities expand into all Latin styles, house, partnering and more. Rachel’s warm personality make her a natural fit for entertaining. Whether the event is a sweet 16 or a corporate event, the spreads joyous energy to everyone around her.  You’re sure to appreciate Rachel’s exuberance at your next event!

Christine Sawyer

DJ Zap Music – Dancer

Christine Emi Sawyer is a New York City-based dancer trained in ballet, jazz, modern, character and tap styles. She previously danced in several ballet companies in southern California, which toured nationally and internationally. Christine also worked as a performer in Disneyland and Universal Studios-Hollywood. A New Jersey native, Christine is once again settled on the east coast, performing for parties across the greater NYC area with DJ Zap.


Sophia Marrapodi

DJ Zap Music – Dancer

Sophia is a professional dancer who has worked with Flo Rida, Red Rat, Group Boys, Pitbull and T-Vice. A natural-born performer, she puts on workshops and trains around the world. She joined the DJ Zap team to continue her love of performing and her passion of getting crowds up on their feet and dancing. A Miami native, Sophia recently moved to New York to choreograph videos for aspiring artists and entertainers.

Zachry Fuller

DJ Zap Music – Dancer

Zach Fuller is a New York City-based professional dancer, actor and model. He is trained in tap, hip-hop, and contemporary dance styles, making him a fluent expert at party performances. Zach’s outgoing and friendly personality makes him a hit at any party, whether a NJ wedding or a north Jersey bar mitzvah. Have Zach at your next party!

Van Edwards

DJ Zap Music – Dancer

Van Edwards, a 24-year-old professional dancer, has been dancing for crowds and parties for eight years. He is a crowd motivator, guaranteed to get your party guests on their feet, cheering and dancing along to the beat. Van is truly and totally “in the moment” each time he hits the dance floor. Book him for your next North Jersey corporate DJ function!

Paloma Munoz

DJ Zap Music – Dancer

Paloma is a singer, dancer and actress NYC-based. She has ventured in various dance styles that go from jazz, contemporary, hip hop, street dance; to flamenco, tango and salsa. Yes, she is a proud Latina! From Argentina to the world. She also dedicates her time to do theater and aerial acrobatics.

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