“It was really great having you and the crew. Thanks again for all you did. You guys rocked it out. Based on a strong recommendation from a friend of mine, I contracted with DJ Zap for my wife’s recent Halloween-themed 40th birthday party. Very glad I did! DJ Zap showed up with an amazing array of high-end sound and lighting equipment — the room looked incredible — and put together a rockin’ playlist that had the crowd on the dance floor all night. DJ Zap truly exceeded our expectations. He’s very professional and is incredibly passionate about what he does. He also happens to be a really nice guy, which never hurts.” -Dave Einzig, IndustryConnect, 40th birthday party

Einzig/ 40th Birthday Party Dave Einzig - IndustryConnect

“Dear Jason, thank you so much for helping us make an amazing Halloween party! The party was rocking all night! The lighting was incredible; so was your entire setup. The music was awesome! Thank you again!”- Julie and Eliana, Halloween party at the Westminster Hotel

Halloween Party Westminster Hotel

“Jason, where do we even begin? You guys did an exceptionally amazing job at a Sweet 16! You guys had everyone dancing from the beginning to the very end. Even the adults had a blast! You cannot imagine how many people told us how great you guys were and how many people requested your information! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.” -Ana Espinosa and the Espinosa family

Ana Espinosa Espinosa Family – Sweet 16

“DJ Zap is AMAZING! Jason and his whole crew were fantastic at Madeline’s bat mitzvah. They provided non-stop entertainment from dancing with the adults and the kids to fun games and activities. The music was awesome and I am so happy that DJ Zap was a part of our event. My daughter is still talking about how great the DJ and his crew were. Thanks again and wishing you much success. You were fabulous!” -Janine Gordon Berg and the Berg family

Janine Gordon Berg Berg Family

“Five stars! Jason and his crew are absolutely SPECTACULAR! My son obviously had the most amazing time at his bar mitzvah thanks to Jason and his crew, but he also said that every single one of his friends said to him that it was the best bar mitzvah THEY had ever been to. And I have to give a large part of that credit to Jason and his crew. Thanks so much for everything.” -Matthew Kraus and the Kraus family

Matthew Kraus Kraus Family

“DJ Zap was phenomenal!!! He had incredible energy and his excitement added so much to Aliza’s bat mitzvah. Jason wasn’t just providing music — he created a fabulous environment that got all the kids involved and having an awesome time! Thank you! Our party was a HUGE success. And the tell-tale sign? All the other kids were telling their parents they hoped Jason would come DJ their b’nai mitzvot!” -Alison Levy Popky and the Popky family

Alison Levy Popky Popky Family